Consultation Fees

Consultation with Doctor 50
Review Consultation 30
Nurse Fee 30
Private Script & Bloods 50
Consultation with Bloods 70
Consultation + ECG 70
Consultation & Ear Syringe 60
24 Hour BP Monitor 60
Consult + Cryotherapy 50
Cryotherapy – Follow Up 30
Medical for Employment 70
Mirena 120
Implanon Insert 100
Implanon Removal 80
Implanon Removal & Insert 120
Home Visit 70
Private Medical Certificate 25
Private Prescription 25
Routine Bloods 30
Private Hospital Bloods 40
STI Screening 70

Private health insurance plans (VHI, Laya Healthcare, Irish Life) all offer money back on GP visits depending on your plan. They also cover certain procedures. Please check at reception for more details.

Laya Healthcare
Irish Life

Fees NOT COVERED by Medical Card/Doctor’s Visit Card include the following:

Private Medical Certificate 25
Letters 20
Routine Bloods (if not acute illness or CDM) 20
Joint Injection 30
STI Screen 70

For a complete list of services not covered please contact reception.

Westdoc Out Of Hours Surgery Fee €60

For up-to-date information on fees and those not listed please contact reception at 090 9679265.